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Everyone Hates Having to Wait…

Waiting several minutes for hot water to arrive at the tap after you turn it on is annoying…and wasteful. That’s why Castle & Cooke is installing Enhanced Hot Water Delivery System in our new homes in Highgate at Seven Oaks. The Enhanced Hot Water Delivery System speeds up deliver of hot water to a fixture, saving thousands of gallons per year waiting for hot water to arrive. We also utilize tankless water heaters to provide an endless supply of hot water (so you don’t have to worry about running out in the middle of your shower!) and their smaller size takes up far less space than conventional tank-style water heaters.

In two-story homes we install cast iron waste lines from all upstairs bathrooms to reduce noise as water travel from the second floor to the subterranean drains. As a safety measure we also center all water lines between wall studs to avoid the possibility of accidentally puncturing a line with nails or screws. And finally, we use a flexible camera scope to inspect all drain lines to ensure they flow freely with no restrictions.

Plumbing is the circulation system of your home, and in a Castle & Cooke home it’s designed for a long and trouble-free life!