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“Painting is just another way of keeping a diary…” – Pablo Picasso

The paint on our walls is another way to express our personalities. Here at Castle & Cooke we want only the best quality for our homeowners. And we don’t believe in taking short cuts. After all walls and ceilings are primed, we apply two coats of quality Sherwin Williams paint. All interior wood trim is delivered pre-primed and then finished with two more coats of paint. Many builders only apply a “one-coat” paint, skipping the primer coat altogether. That’s not the kind of quality buyers of Castle & Cooke homes have come to expect.

The type of paint used in various locations also affects its durability. Semi-gloss paint is used on all closet walls, ceilings and shelves. Low-sheen paint is used for all exterior siding, fascia and trim. This paint will endure the weather much better than typical exterior paint.

By performing these steps, and using only the highest quality materials, Castle & Cooke can ensure the quality of each and every home we build.