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Protecting Your Home from Water Damage

Mention “water damage” to most homeowners and they immediately think of roof leaks. But water can also damage a home’s foundation, and that kind of water damage is often difficult to see until it’s too late. When water collects in the soil under and around your home it causes the soil to expand and contract. This expansion and contraction exerts enormous pressure on a home’s concrete foundation, and can eventually cause it to crack, settle or shift.

In southwest Bakersfield, where Castle & Cooke is building several new, gated communities, the ground is relatively flat, making it more prone to collecting water or even flooding. To prevent this Castle & Cooke installs subterranean drainage systems in all back yards and side yards to divert water into storm drains. An integral part of this system is the grading of the lot to allow water to flow away from the home. To ensure the grading is done properly, our civil engineers provide a grading certification for every new Castle & Cooke home.

Helping to protect your new home from water damage is just one more way Castle & Cooke is committed to making your new home as trouble-free as possible.