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Here at Castle & Cooke our commitment to the quality of your new home begins with the foundation of our company – the Construction Management Team. Fully trained and committed to building excellent homes, the Castle & Cooke Construction Management Team has been praised by our homeowners, trade partners and local building inspectors as one of the finest in the industry.


Home grown right here at Castle & Cooke, each team member started with us as a Construction Assistant, was promoted to Prep Technician, then Assistant Construction Manager, and finally to full-scale Construction Manager. Even our General Superintendent, the person in charge of all homebuilding field operations for over 16 years, was developed from within. Now that’s experience you can count on!


Currently our Construction Management Team is busy working on Highgate at Seven Oaks, the newest addition to our Seven Oaks family of communities in Bakersfield. You can learn all about our new Highgate home elevations, floor plans, and community lifestyle on our website: