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Peace of Mind when buying a new home.

During the recent turmoil in the real estate market many home buyers are wondering whether now is
the right time to proceed. Despite the negative publicity, there are still many reasons why now is a
good time to buy a new home; in fact it is almost critical to buy now while interest rates are at historic
lows and it is truly a buyer’s market.

History has proven that economic cycles always occur in our free enterprise system. The real estate
market is no exception and there are several underlying reasons why the pendulum will soon begin to
swing back: The wide selection of quality neighborhoods and homes is dwindling. Buyers who move
first will get the better properties, the better lifestyle and the higher chance of appreciation when the
property is sold.

Putting your trust in quality and value is the best way to protect yourself in a volatile real estate
market. And nowhere will buyers find a more exceptional opportunity to enjoy the peace of mind that
comes with quality and value than in a master planned, lifestyle community.

Master planning means cornerstone features that are designed in, not added on. Features like accessible
shopping, “walkability,” wide open spaces and a visual appeal that will only increase with time;
private recreational facilities including pools, parks and play areas; roving security patrols and home
designs that feature green building techniques as well as quality materials.

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