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Liberty at Silver Creek

Even though home prices and interest rates are at historic lows, we believe that a perfect home is about
more than just a low price. How long will your satisfaction with a low price last if the neighborhood
you move into does not have a community lifestyle you can enjoy? The next time you drive through
a neighborhood looking for your perfect home, take a moment to pause and really look around. Is
the community filled with green belts and narrow streets that encourage walking and gathering with
neighbors? Are there parks and playgrounds for children to enjoy? Is it a community in which you can
picture yourself not only living, but thriving? Here are a few things we believe you should take into
consideration when making your home buying decision:

  1. Location, location, location. (Just like the saying goes!)
  2. The quality of community features. Things like landscaped streets, greenbelts, parks and grand
    entrances that will make it a community you can be proud of when guests come to visit

  3. The quality of the homes. Is the builder reputable? Do they have a dedicated warranty team in place
    to serve you?

  4. Does the community have “Codes, Covenants and Restrictions” (CC&R’s) to ensure that
    neighborhood guidelines for home design, landscaping and parking are enforced?

We challenge you to rethink what makes a home perfect by looking beyond the home, beyond the
yard and taking in the whole community; the green spaces, the street design, the overall impression
the neighborhood makes. These, too, are important elements that go into making a perfect home worth
investing in.

Need more help with finding the right community? We can help you.