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HOA Neighborhood

It seems as though when you drive through a neighborhood that is maintained by a
Homeowners Association (HOA) there seems to be just an overwhelming sense of pride
in the neighborhood. While there are monthly dues associated with living in this type
of neighborhood it creates the type of atmosphere that makes homeowners happy to be
living in their community.

The management company that is hired by the HOA provides a service to homeowners
that keeps the neighborhood running smoothly by following Covenants, Codes &
Restrictions (CC&R’s) that were drafted when the neighborhood was being built.
These rules to may seem “nit picky” to some, however, those buyers that have chosen
the neighborhood know that it is in their best interest. These rules are what keep the
neighborhood looking it best for all the residents to enjoy.

In most HOA neighborhoods there are “common” areas which include grass areas,
parks, pools and play areas. These areas are also maintained regularly as part of monthly
dues paid by homeowners. This ensures that at all times these areas look their best.
Homeowners are able to enjoy these areas at all times without the worry of maintenance.
This also helps with property values even in a declining market as we are currently in
since the maintenance of the neighborhood is a standard.

The HOA board is comprised of homeowners who listen to the concerns of the
residents and decisions based on the best interest of the neighborhood. By allowing
homeowners to voice opinions about various ideas this also allows to take pride in
the community. The added value to living in one of these neighborhoods doesn’t
just affect your property value it effects the way that homeowners take pride in their
community and neighborhoods, which creates the perfect type of living for homeowners.