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A serene backyard garden at sunset with a winding path, manicured lawn, and surrounded by lush shrubbery and plants. a blue chair stands in the foreground, facing a distant patio area.

Seven Oaks Living – March 2022

What a Difference a (Vinyl) Fence Makes!

Long before The California Green Building code was established in 2009, Castle & Cooke had been making environmentally friendly building practices a priority in all new home construction. Since the early 2000s, radiant barrier roof sheathing, enhanced hot water delivery systems, solar panels, and now vinyl fencing have become common features in Castle & Cooke homes. 

In Castle & Cooke’s newest gated, master-planned community of Highgate at Seven Oaks, maintenance-free vinyl fencing now takes the place of wood fencing or block wall. Vinyl fencing takes little energy and resources to produce, making it one of the ‘greenest’ building materials in the community. It is made from non-toxic materials, requires little maintenance, and is an attractive, eco-friendly solution to the weaknesses of many traditional fencing materials. 

Because vinyl fencing is a durable and low-maintenance product, if
a homeowner notices their fence looking a bit dirty from everyday wear and tear, all it takes is a quick spray with the hose to keep it looking new. Vinyl fencing also provides one of the best options for durability in the Bakersfield climate. It is not susceptible to kinds of damage that plague wood fencing, like rot, fungal growth, or splitting and cracking from weather and age. All of this means that a vinyl fence will require much lower maintenance over its lifetime than other fences. 

The final element that vinyl fencing provides a new Castle & Cooke home is “curb appeal.” Vinyl fencing adds value to your home by complementing the beauty of your house and yard. This, in turn adds to the attractive- ness of the entire community, which is one of the things that make Castle & Cooke communities, like Highgate at Seven Oaks, so popular with Bakersfield home buyers. Who would have thought that something as simple as vinyl fencing could do so much for your home and community! 


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