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A person kicks a soccer ball towards a giant inflatable dartboard in a grassy park with a colorful bounce house and parked cars in the background.

Nothin’ Says “Back-to-School” Like a POOL PARTY!

Summer is almost over, and that means going back to school. But the children of residents of Highgate at Seven Oaks had one last chance for a big summer fling before hitting the books again. It all happened on June August 2 at the Parkshire Pool & Pavilion in Highgate at Seven Oaks Park and Highgate Place. Among the many activities kids enjoyed virtual reality games at the Next Gen Game Truck, a giant soccer ball/dart board game, bounce houses, a dunk tank, and of course plenty of swimming and lots of food and drinks. All in all it was a great way to end the summer and get ready to go back to school!


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