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A magazine spread titled "highgate seven oaks" features photos of people at a social event. the left page has a header "greet seven oaks" with images of attendees smiling and mingling. the right side includes text and event photographs.

Greet Seven Oaks – November 2023

Highgate at Seven Oaks has a well-deserved reputation as a “lifestyle oriented” community. What does that mean? It means residents of Highgate can take advantage of a wide variety of amenities and activities to make life more interesting and enjoyable. One of those activities, Wine & Bites, recently drew a large crowd to the Highgate Swim & Fitness Clubhouse to enjoy tasty appetizers and a selection of wines presented by local vintner Tlo Wines. You can read all about it in the November edition of Greet Seven Oaks.

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A Jurassic Adventure in Highgate:

Wines & Bites Welcomes Tlo Wines:


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