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Go Fly a Kite!

Kites and kids just seem to go together! Especially in the spring when the weather warms up and there always seems to be a nice breeze. It was the perfect combination recently when Highgate at Seven Oaks hosted an after-school kite making event for community kids. There were lots of different kite designs to choose from, but bugs and birds seemed to be favorites! After choosing their design the kids had a great time coloring them with markers and getting them rigged up and ready to fly. The highlight of the day was when all the kids took their kites out in Highgate Central Park and sent them soaring skyward! These kinds of year-round family events are just one more reason Highgate at Seven Oaks is one of the most popular and successful Castle & Cooke residential communities in Bakersfield. #HighgateSevenOaks #NewHomesGatedCommunity #NewHomesBakersfield


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