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Getting that Model Home Look

Homeowners always wonder just how to go about getting that “model
home” look for their new home. It’s much easier than you might think, and
you don’t need to leave out prepared place settings on the dining room
table to get it! Today there are so many more options for homebuyers
looking to add some pizazz to their new space.

The first step should always be to decide what “look” you want (i.e.,
traditional, contemporary, rustic…). Next is to figure out your budget. And
finally, decide what items you need the most. Decorating a new home
means having to compromise. Making that list will help to realize what
you can buy now, what you can still use, and what you should wait for.

Decorators, designers, design books, and magazines can provide
you with ideas and opinions too numerous to count. Edith Wharton
(1862-1937), a Pulitzer Winning Author for The Age of Innocence, and
reknowned design expert, said, “ The fewer colors used in a room, the
more pleasing and restful the result will be.” (The Decoration of Houses
circa 1897). Today, many would disagree with Wharton about the use of
color. Some people opt for bold color choices that reflect their style and
personality. Some people prefer a neutral background with color added
in accessories. Whatever the design philosophy you prefer, it doesn’t
matter. When it comes down to it, the most important thing is that you,
and your loved ones, feel comfortable with your choices.

A new home is what you choose to make it. Great home ideas can come
in many colors, and designs, and styles, and with any size budget!


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