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People enjoy a nighttime pool party amidst heavy fog. some individuals perform playful jumps into the illuminated water, creating splashes, while onlookers watch from the poolside, wrapped in towels or casual wear.

Baby It’s Cold Outside!

Here’s a great way to ring in the New Year…jump into a cold swimming pool with a bunch of your friends! That’s what they did at the Parkshire Pool & Pavillion in Highgate at Seven Oaks for the very first Highgate Polar Plunge. Of course it helped that there was a nice warm hot tub nearby to scamper into! Then the party moved over to the giant fire pit where everyone enjoyed snacks and hot chocolate. To cap off the festivities everyone wrote their best wishes for the New Year on balloons that were sent soaring into the night sky. Happy New Year to everyone! #HighgateSevenOaks #NewHomesGatedCommunity #NewHomesBakersfield


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