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When you think of New Years you think resolutions. The #1 resolution most people make is to get fit in the coming new year. Joining a gym might seem like the first step to your goal but why not go a step further and commit to making your daily surroundings a healthy one? How can you do this? Easy, just visit any one of Castle & Cooke’s beautiful communities and see how life as you know it can change for the better.

When you purchase a new Castle & Cooke home you aren’t just buying a house. You are buying into a lifestyle that incorporates our five key principles. These principles include home, family, community, environment and a better quality of life for our buyers. At every stage of the planning and building process we are guided by these principles. You can be assured that when you purchase with Castle & Cooke, your home will support these enduring values.

When you drive through your new community’s privacy gates you’ll notice the narrow streets that promote slower traffic, green belts and walkways that will allow you to stroll through your community, BBQ areas and kiddie parks that allow you to spend time with your family and friends without having to leave your community and recreation centers with a pool and spa for relaxing and exercising.

Your home will also promote better health as our commitment to being a green builder is stronger than ever. We have recognized that energy conservation is the responsibility of builders concerned with a homeowner’s quality of life, their pride of ownership and the future value of their homes. Castle & Cooke homes are designed and built for energy efficiency and resource conservation. Castle & Cooke home owners enjoy lower utility bills, more comfort, quality construction, conservation of natural resources, healthier indoor air, and the feeling of doing something good for the environment.

So what are you waiting for? Make your resolution today…come visit any of our communities and see the lifestyle you can be proud to own.


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