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8 Reasons to buy new/Castle & Cooke

  1. Don’t settle for pre-owned! Trying to fit your style into what someone else has already designed can be a hassle. When you buy a new Castle & Cooke home you have the luxury of making it your very own. And your home will include beautifully selected Designer amenities you’ll be sure to love.
  2. Hold on to your value. When you buy a new Castle & Cooke home you’re buying with a builder who is recognized in the top 10% in construction quality. That means peace of mind that your home was built with quality construction.
  3. A home warranty team like no other. When you buy a new Castle & Cooke home you will have the relief of knowing that you are only a phone call away from speaking with a live person 24 hours a day, seven days a week should the need arise. Every Castle & Cooke community has its own dedicated warranty representatives for our neighborhoods, so any concern you may have, no matter how small, will receive a prompt response.
  4. Your best interest at hand. From the pre-qualification process to the closing of your beautiful new home, the Castle & Cooke staff is here to serve you. Whether this is your first home or your last we’re here to help every step of the way.
  5. Green Wise Living. You’re changing your life for the better when you purchase a Castle & Cooke home. Your new home uses renewable building resources, keeps your indoor air cleaner, reduces your water usage and will make you happy that you made a wise choice. So go ahead and let your new home make you and your family healthier, happier, conscientious, thriftier and responsible today!
  6. Today’s living. Would you purchase a product that was expired? No, so why would you make one of the single most important purchases like buying a home and end up with an outdated floor plan? When you buy a Castle & Cooke home you’ll rest assured knowing that you have the option of many up to date plans that will fit your lifestyle.
  7. Master Planned Communities. Don’t settle for a hodge-podge of homes that look misplaced. Our unique architecture of homes is designed for each neighborhood and will help hold the value of your home. With over 25 years experience of master planning, our award winning developments speak for themselves. Our communities are placed in great locations, near schools and shopping.
  8. You’re buying into a lifestyle. When you purchase a Castle & Cooke home you are not only acquiring a home, but a lifestyle. With amenities available to you such as private parks, recreation centers, pools, spas, BBQ’s, picnic tables, tot lots, spray parks for kids and narrow streets that are conducive to walking and jogging in your neighborhood you will not find other communities able to beat our livability! So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a lifestyle that you deserve.


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