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With Castle & Cooke beauty is more than skin deep.

Admiring the stucco exterior on your new Castle & Cooke home, you might not realize the attention to detail that lies beneath the surface. That attention to detail even extends to the nails that secure the lath over which the stucco is applied. A nail might seem like a small thing in the overall construction of your home, but to Castle & Cooke even the smallest detail is important.

Most builders use an automatic stapler to attach the lath. Sure, it’s faster, and probably saves a little money. But as most people can confirm, the faster you work, the greater the chance you might make a mistake. In the case of an automatic stapler, that mistake could be missing the stud and puncturing a water line. A mistake that might go unnoticed for months.

That’s why Castle & Cooke carpenters take the extra care to hand-nail the exterior lath. It takes a little more time and effort, and it costs a little more, but not nearly as much as having to open up a wall to repair a water leak!